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Best Non-Steel Target Shooting Alternatives

Does the best non-steel target exist? Non-steel shooting targets, such as rubber or paper, have a lesser chance of producing sparks. This makes them ideal for use in environments where the sparks produced by steel shooting targets could potentially cause a fire.

There are a variety of different non-steel targets available on the market, including both rubber and paper targets. Paper targets tend to be less expensive than rubber targets, but they also tend to be less durable. Rubber targets, on the other hand, are more expensive but are more durable and can withstand repeated shots.

When choosing the best non-steel target for you, first you must consider the type of shooting you will be doing. If you primarily use pistols, then a paper target may be sufficient. If you will be using rifles or shotguns, however, then you will need a more durable target, such as a rubber target.

Best Paper Shooting Targets

When it comes to shooting targets, paper targets are the most affordable option. They are typically less expensive than other targets, such as steel or rubber. This makes them a popular choice for shooters looking to save money while still getting quality target practice.

Paper shooting targets can be found at most outdoor retailers, making them easy to replace. If you shoot a lot of rounds, then paper targets are preferred over steel, rubber, or cardboard. Paper targets also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Depending on skill level, shooters can purchase large or small targets.

Paper targets are ideal for ranges and pistol shooters looking to shoot many rounds. You can quickly group 50 or more shots on a paper target and then quickly change it out for a clean new target.

  • Budget Pick

    Paper Silhouette Target

    best budget paper target
    • 50 Paper Targets Included
    • Two Shooting Zones
    • 17×25 Inch Target
  • Best Value

    Silhouette Splatter Target

    Most popular paper target
    • Easily See Your Shot
    • High Visibility
    • Great for All Firearms
  • Premium Pick

    Zombie Silhouette Shooting Target

    zombie paper target
    • Fun Paper Target
    • High Visibility
    • Heavy Duty Copperplate Paper

All three of the paper target options listed above are affordable. They all come with multiple sheets so you can have a fresh sheet for every shooter. While paper targets have their place, some people find it more enjoyable to shoot moving or hanging targets.

Best Rubber Shooting Targets

Rubber shooting targets last longer than traditional paper targets. They are also more durable and easier to see, making them a safer option for shooters. Rubber shooting targets are made from high-quality rubber that can withstand repeated shots without tearing or becoming damaged. This makes them a perfect option for target practice or training.

Why use rubber shooting targets?

  • Rubber shooting targets are more durable than paper targets.
  • They can be reused multiple times.
  • They are less likely to tear or puncture.
  • They provide a more realistic shooting experience.
  • They can be left outside or used in rainy weather.
  • Immediate affirmation of a hit.

Self healing shooting targets are made of materials that can close up after being shot, which means they can be used multiple times. This is a great feature for people who shoot a lot because it means they don’t have to waste time and money buying new targets. Instead, they can just use the same targets over and over again, and they’ll heal up in no time.

  • Budget Pick

    Dancing Ball 4″

    dancing ball rubber target
    • 4 Inch Ball
    • Dances When Shot
    • .22 – .50 Caliber
  • Best Value

    Do-All Outdoors – Hot Box 4″

    4 inch rubber shooting target
    • Self-Healing
    • Long Lifespan
    • .22 – .50 Caliber
  • Premium Pick

    Birchwood Casey Ground Strike Target Jacks

    rubber target jack
    • .22 – .50 Caliber
    • Interactive
    • Durable

Best Mounted Non-Lead Targets

Mounted targets are fixed to a structure and placed on the range at a specific distance. This target style is typically made of AR500 steel, but not always. For the purposes of this article, we are showing the best non-steel shooting target alternatives.

There are different styles of fixed target stands. Some simply hang from or bar and pendulum when shot. Other targets are called “knock down targets,” meaning when they are shot, they fall down and have to be reset to shoot again. Knock down targets give a visual indicator to the shooter when the target is hit. Standard hanging style targets can be more misleading at times, depending on the distance.

  • Budget Pick

    Do-All Outdoors – Bullet Pong

    standard rubber gong
    • Easy to Use
    • Affordable
    • Spark Free
  • Premium Pick

    THROOM 6″ Knockdown

    knockdown rubber target stand
    • knockdown or Swing
    • Fire Safe
    • Better than Steel

Best Non-Steel Target Shooting Alternatives

There are many non-steel shooting targets available on the market today. Some are made of steel, some are made of paper, and some are made of clay. Whatever your preference, there is a non-steel shooting target available to meet your needs.

If you are looking for a non-steel shooting target that will provide you with the best possible results, you should consider a steel target. Steel targets are designed to withstand the impact of high-powered bullets, making them ideal for long-range shooting. Paper targets, on the other hand, are more suitable for close-range shooting. Clay targets are also an option, but they can be more difficult to hit than steel or paper targets.

No matter what type of non-steel shooting target you choose, make sure that it is compatible with the type of gun you will be using. Some targets are only designed for certain types of guns, so it is important to check before purchasing. With the right target, you can enjoy hours of fun and satisfaction from your shooting experience.