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The best deer hunting related articles specific to California. These articles are written by industry professionals that are passionate about hunting responsibly. Here you will find everything form tips and tactics to gear reviews and products all designed and written to get on more deer this hunting season.

30-30 Winchester rifle used for deer hunting

Choosing The Best Bullet Grain for 30-30 Winchester When Deer Hunting

The 30-30 Winchester, a classic American rifle, has been a staple in the hunting community for over a century. Its versatility, reliability, and power have made it a preferred choice for many hunters, especially those hunting deer. However, the effectiveness of this iconic firearm is not solely dependent on its inherent qualities, but also on …

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best bushnell scope under $200

3 Best Bushnell Scopes Under $200 [Review + Top Picks]

Are you an avid hunter or shooter who’s always looking for ways to improve your accuracy and precision? If so, then you know that having the right equipment can make all the difference. One essential piece of equipment that every hunter and shooter should have is a high-quality scope. In this article, we recommend the …

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tick, ticks, tick bite, hunting with ticks

Hunting in Tick Country: How to Protect Yourself in the Woods

Tick bites while hunting, hiking, or recreating can be a common and potentially dangerous occurrence for those who spend time in the woods, particularly for hunters who may be exposed to ticks while tracking and hunting game. These tiny bugs can transmit a variety of illnesses, including Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever, which …

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hunting in southern california

A Beginner’s Guide to Hunting in Southern California

Are you interested in exploring the great outdoors and experiencing the thrill of the hunt? Hunting is a time-honored tradition that allows you to connect with nature, challenge yourself physically and mentally, and bring home some delicious game. If you’re new to hunting in California, the southern part of the state is a fantastic place …

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Blacktail Deer in field

Hunting Blacktail Deer in California

Regarded as one of the most challenging deer to hunt in North America, the nocturnal and solitary nature of the blacktail, particularly during the hunting season, proves that catching or shooting down one is never a walk in the park. As success rates of blacktail hunts remain low, here are a few tips on how a strong and rewarding California blacktail deer hunting trip should be launched.

hunter checking trail camera

Trail Camera Buying Guide and Tips for Use

Trail Cameras are small, usually inconspicuous, cameras that attach to trees or other fixed objects in order to capture pictures or video. Triggered by movement, these small cameras capture real time data from a predetermined location set by the user. Tail Cameras are also called “game cameras” and were originally designed for hunters to scout multiple locations remotely. 

270 win

Best Grain Bullet for .270 Winchester

When it comes to bullet grain and which is the best, many hunters find the subject confusing if they aren’t knowledgeable in ammunition reloading or the ballistics of their rifle caliber. .270 Winchester is one of the most popular hunting calibers out there, and new hunters or those unfamiliar with the subject might question what the best grain bullet is for the .270 Winchester.