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7 Best Turkey Hunting Decoys for the money

Turkey hunters have, for many years, used turkey hunting decoys to improve their hunting game. A good turkey decoy can mean the difference between a successful hunting day and one that is disappointing. So, which are the best turkey hunting decoys to use? This article will discuss our top recommendations.

Avian-X LCD Breeder Hen Turkey Decoy

turkey decoy

Key Features

  • Very Realistic
  • No Flake Paint
  • Rump Up Position
  • Comes with carrying Bag

The first turkey decoy on this list is the Avian-X LCD Breeder. This decoy is hands down our favorite hen decoy because of its realistic design and paint. We all know turkeys are not the smartest, but they do have a decent vision.

The price of these decoys is favorable as well coming in under $100. The simple yet very effective design is sure to bring jakes within range in a hurry.

The dura-rubber material allows the decoy to be folded and stored in its carry bag. When tamed up with the LCD Jake, the odds of luring in an unexpecting Tom increases dramatically.

In particular, this is my favorite decoy for spring turkey hunts. One hen in a small open space will drive jakes insane.

Flextone Thunder Creeper Strutter Decoy

turkey decoy

Best Features

  • Flexible Plastic Construction
  • lightweight Durability
  • Extreme Lifelike Paint Scheme
  • Lightweight Carbon Stake
  • Fixed Position or Rotate Freely

With almost 400 almost perfect 5-star ratings on Amazon, this turkey decoy is well worth consideration.

It is also on Amazon’s Choice list for turkey decoys, which should also say a lot about the quality of this turkey decoy.

We love the fact that it is very realistic looking, offers an easy setup, and comes with a handle.

At just over $60, this product is in the middle of the general turkey decoy price range and a great contender for top place.

Bass Pro Shops Avian-X LCD Feeder Hen Turkey Decoy

turkey decoy

Best Features

  • Ultra-Realistic Decoy
  • No-Flake Paint
  • Collapsible Dura-Rubber Body
  • Folding Motion Stake
  • Drawstring Carry Bag

This product is a feeder hen decoy and is a great choice if you want to be successful during the middle or late hunting season.

It emulates a lone hen trying to find food in the woods or an open field when she has a male behind her trying his luck at courting.

It looks incredibly realistic and the durable rubber material means that it will last you through countless turkey hunting seasons.

It is completely collapsible and therefore easy to carry after a day of hunting and comes with a handy carry bag.

Cherokee 4 Ultimate Turkey Decoys

4 turkey decoy

What We Love About It

  • Multi-Decoy Pack
  • 3 Hens & 1 Jake
  • Realistic Paint Scheme
  • Lightweight – 7 oz Each
  • Collapsible to Save Space
  • Shake and Bake Motion Sold Seperatly

As one of the most popular turkey decoy options on Amazon (and there are a lot on this platform), this 4-pack continues to be a bestseller.

For each turkey in this pack, you get four turkey decoys in varying poses to mimic an actual turkey flock: there are 3 hens (one is standing, one feeding, and the other submissive) and a male that is standing up.

Once collapsed, you can simply put your “flock” into your pocket and think about how it has helped you to reach your hunting targets.

Upgrade to Shake & Bake Motion / Wobble Turkey Decoy to provide realism.

Higdon Outdoors Strutter Hard Body Turkey Decoy

higdon turkey decoy

Favorite Features

  • Full Strut Tom
  • Flocked Back and Ultra-Realistic UV Paint
  • Aggressive Color
  • Universal Stake Motion System
  • Integrated Stakeholder with Rubber Grommet
  • Decoy Bag Included

Looking to bag a few large toms this season? This hard body turkey decoy could help you to do just that!

At just under $140, it is at the upper end of the turkey decoy price range, but is well worth the cost if you prefer quality and effectiveness.

When assembled, it features an impressive stake motion system that gives it a natural-looking and realistic decoy movement. It comes with a customizable handle that allows you to effortlessly carry it with you as you move through the woods or your hunting ground.

This decoy looks exactly the same as a strutting young male and can help you take your turkey hunting to the next level.

Flextone Thunder Chick Upright Hen Decoy

flexstone thunder turkey decoy

Budget Friendly Features

  • Affordable
  • Collapsible
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to transport

If you have a tight hunting budget but you don’t want to compromise on the quality of your hunting gear, this hen turkey decoy is definitely something to consider!

At only under $40 it is a real bargain and has enjoyed rave reviews on Amazon.

We love how customers of this product have told stories about how excellent these are as decoys and how you don’t need to spend top dollar to buy a decoy that works well.

Like most turkey decoys, this one is also easy to transport and will definitely improve your turkey hunting.

The tall upright head position signifies dominance and will drive any incoming tom crazy.

Jake Purr-Fect Pair Turkey Decoy


Key Features of the Pair

  • Jake and Hen Included
  • Taxidermy Eyes for Realism
  • Easily Transportable
  • Both Birds Are 3 Dimensional
  • Designed to Enrage Other Toms

Some turkey hunters are very particular about the turkey decoys they use and will only use one that is difficult to tell apart from the real thing.

If this sounds like you, then this jake and hen decoy could be your best bet.

It boasts lifelike feathers, an adjustable neck and head, and a very realistic 3D body. What’s more, it is the official turkey decoy of the NWTF and is very well-priced for its quality and workmanship.

Turkey have incredible vision and can see detail very well. The heads and more specifically the eyes of these decoys are high quality and very detailed.

Best Turkey Hunting Decoys Final Thoughts

No matter what decoy you decide to go with, remember that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to be successful with it. Make sure to do your homework for the area you will be turkey hunting. Depending on the season, it may be beneficial to have a few hens and a jake, or a tom alone, or a mixture of the two. Learning what best turkey tactics are can be challenging. There is no substitute for time spent in the field scouting and hunting.