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7 Best Turkey Hunting Decoys for the money

Turkey hunters have, for many years, used turkey hunting decoys to improve their hunting game. A good turkey decoy can mean the difference between a successful hunting day and one that is disappointing. So, which are the best turkey hunting decoys to use? This article will discuss our top recommendations.

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5 Spring Turkey Hunting Tips and Tactics for California

It’s our favorite of the two turkey hunting seasons in California. The spring turkey hunting in CA is particularly fun because hunters are allowed to take up to three bearded turkeys. California actually has a tremendous amount of turkey so finding them shouldn’t be an issue. The bigger problem will be finding birds that are …

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How to Hunt Quail in California

Learning how to hunt quail may be one of the easiest upland bird species to master in California. In fact, quail hunting requires minimal hunting gear compared to hunting other game. Shooting quail on the other hand is a different story. In this article, you will learn about California’s quail, what gear is required for …

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How to Shoot Dove In Flight

Nothing says fair chase like a mourning dove flying 45mph in a headwind as you’re crouched beside a hay bale with a 12-gauge shotgun loaded with 7 ½ birdshot. As that dove gets closer, there are quite a few things to take into consideration while trying to shoot dove in flight. The distance and speed …

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Do You Wear Camo Quail Hunting?

The choice to wear camo quail hunting in California or not is yours. The importance of wearing the right quail attire is critical for success.

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Can You Hunt Quail In The Rain?

Quail hunting in the rain can provide a great opportunity if your willing to do your homework. Follow these 7 tips to shoot more quail in adverse conditions.

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California Upland Bird Hunting Species and Seasons

When most people think of California, they think of the sunny beaches and bustling cities. But being one of the largest states in the West, California is home to many different species of wildlife, especially upland game birds. In fact, this state boasts one of the widest varieties of upland birds in the entire country!

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Tips and Tactics for Successful Turkey Hunting in California

The great state of California has a large population of people and tourists, but many hunters may be unaware that there are also giant numbers of turkeys to hunt as well. In fact, California can be considered one of the best states in the country to hunt turkeys!