Big Game

California black bear

Bear Hunting in California

Bear is a popular big game species in California. Every year, thousands of hunters take to the woods in hopes of bagging a big one. While the opportunity to harvest a bear is great, there are a few things that all hunters should know before heading out.

california wild pig

Pig Hunting in California

An in-depth look at pig hunting in California and the locations, tactics, and methods of taking wild board.

coyote hunting

Coyote Hunting California: Beginners Guide to Success

Anyone that has seen a coyote in the wild surely was mesmerized by their thick fur and daunting eyes. Years ago, Mark Twain’s ‘Roughing It’ and Cartoon Network’s ‘Wiley E. Coyote’ painted the picture of this canine as a hungry, needy animal with very little respect. Without hesitation, the finger was pointed at coyotes when …

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elk hunt in california

Elk Hunting In California

Elk hunting in California offers incredible experiences, not unlike those in Colorado or Wyoming. Not only is there an abundance of elk in this state, but there are also many different terrains you can choose between. Many hunters flock to California because of the diverse opportunity and stable numbers of elk in the state. Elk …

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