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Do You Wear Camo Quail Hunting?

Quail hunting is a favorite among many for upland bird hunting. Hunting enthusiasts can really be rewarded if prepared. There are so many things to consider when gearing up for a hunt. Finding the right locations, the best times to hunt quail, and even what to wear can determine if you have a successful hunt or not. What to wear quail hunting is exactly what we’re going to talk about today.

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Do you wear camo quail hunting?

The International Hunter Education Association says there are approximately 1,000 hunting related accidents in North America each year. The number one cause is self inflicted wounds. The second most injuries occur when hunting in parties. 

You see, the quail hunting attire you choose to wear isn’t as critical or important as you might think. Having a decent pair of shoes or boots is more important than anything else. Another tool to carry while quail hunting ca is gps with satellite communication to alert first responders. Quail hunting requires a lot of walking in sometimes difficult and rough terrain, being prepared is vital.

What else should you wear?

While blaze orange is not required when quail hunting in California, it’s strongly encouraged. Quail are a low flying bird. This means while taking a shot at quail, we’re oftentimes aiming at ground levels where other hunters may be present. 

Obviously, a responsible hunter would never take an unsafe shot knowing another human was in the line of fire. This is why it is strongly encouraged to wear blaze orange while hunting quail. A simple hat or vest or both could save your life. 

Blaze orange hats and vests are common items of quail hunting outfits. Some areas are well known for quail hunting in California, and people know this. I have encountered many people while hunting public lands, so it’s very important to make yourself known. 

In addition to wearing blaze orange, there are a few other things you could bring that may prevent injury as well. 

  • Boots with ankle support
  • Gaiters, depending on where you live. 
  • Water
  • First Aid Kit

There should be no shame in wanting to be prepared. At times we may be hunting quail in the thick dense brush where visibility is low. Other times we are chasing quail in steep canyons or wide open fields. The possibility of injury exists everywhere. In the event of an emergency, blaze orange will help rescuers locate you easier.

There are situations when wearing all camo is ideal such as when hunting California’s turkey, dove, or duck. These birds tend to fly above ground levels, and tactics may dictate sitting still. Turkey for example have incredible eyesight and blaze orange would be a dead giveaway to them.  

Be responsible for your own safety out there, especially on public lands. Don’t expect other hunters to be observant enough to know you are there. Wear camouflage if you would like but wear some blaze orange over the top. It could be the difference between life and death.