coyote hunting

Coyote Hunting California: Beginners Guide to Success

Anyone that has seen a coyote in the wild surely was mesmerized by their thick fur and daunting eyes. Years ago, Mark Twain’s ‘Roughing It’ and Cartoon Network’s ‘Wiley E. Coyote’ painted the picture of this canine as a hungry, needy animal with very little respect. Without hesitation, the finger was pointed at coyotes when …

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elk hunt in california

Elk Hunting In California

Elk hunting in California offers incredible experiences, not unlike those in Colorado or Wyoming. Not only is there an abundance of elk in this state, but there are also many different terrains you can choose between. Many hunters flock to California because of the diverse opportunity and stable numbers of elk in the state. Elk …

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quail crossing sign

How to Hunt Quail in California

Learning how to hunt quail may be one of the easiest upland bird species to master in California. In fact, quail hunting requires minimal hunting gear compared to hunting other game. Shooting quail on the other hand is a different story. In this article, you will learn about California’s quail, what gear is required for …

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hunters on a hill

Easiest Animals to Hunt for Beginners in California

Hunting certain species of game in California can be downright hard. When first starting out, it’s important to learn the basics of hunting, stalking, spotting, and more. Oftentimes, these lessons are best learned with the easiest animals to hunt. Perfecting the fundamentals of hunting, such as hunter safety and etiquette, before moving on to harder …

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rabbit in the desert

Rabbit Hunting in California

From the mountainous, dense forests in northern California to the desert flats in the southern parts of the state, you may not find a more fun game than rabbit hunting in California. Up north, you will find cottontails everywhere, from the backcountry National Forest to the city park. To the south, the much larger jackrabbit …

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dove hutning equipment

How to Shoot Dove In Flight

Nothing says fair chase like a mourning dove flying 45mph in a headwind as you’re crouched beside a hay bale with a 12-gauge shotgun loaded with 7 ½ birdshot. As that dove gets closer, there are quite a few things to take into consideration while trying to shoot dove in flight. The distance and speed …

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Blacktail Deer in field

Hunting Blacktail Deer in California

Regarded as one of the most challenging deer to hunt in North America, the nocturnal and solitary nature of the blacktail, particularly during the hunting season, proves that catching or shooting down one is never a walk in the park. As success rates of blacktail hunts remain low, here are a few tips on how a strong and rewarding California blacktail deer hunting trip should be launched.